1. Seafood Fried Rice – Fried rice with scallops, shrimp, crab stick, fish cake egg & vegetable…$15.95

2. Chicken Fried Rice – Fried rice with chicken, egg and vegetables…$13.95

3. Beef Fred Rice – Fried rice with beef and vegetables…$14.95

4. Garlic Beef – Sauteed sliced beef with vegetable onion in garlic sauce…$19.95

5. Tonkatsu – Lightly breaded Pork broiled cutlet fried golden brown & served with Katsu sauce…$15.95

6. Chicken Teriyaki – broiled boneless white meat with Teriyaki sauce…$16.95

7. Salmon Teriyaki – broiled Fresh salmon with special teriyaki sauce…$19.95

8. Beef Teriyaki – broiled beef steak with teriyaki sauce…$19.95

9. Combination Teriyaki – Choice of combination: shrimp & chicken, beef & shrimp, shrimp & salmon, Chicken and Beef…$21.95

10. Seafood Teriyaki – broiled Shrimp, salmon, and fried crusted scallop with teriyaki sauce…$22.95

11. Ginger Chicken or Beef – white meat chicken mixed with finely chopped onion and teriyaki sauce…$18.95

12. Mango Chicken – Sautéed delicate fried chicken with mango, onion in mango flavor sauce…$17.95

13. Chicken Katsu – Lightly breaded Chicken filet fried to a golden brown with Katsu sauce on the side…$16.95

All Served with Miso Soup or Garden Salad