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“Open Since 2002”

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Only the freshest fish is served at Fujiyama.

 Voted Number 1 by Boise Weekly for Best Raw Food.

 Stating the atmosphere is upscale and comfortable, the fish tastes as fresh as the ocean and the selection of rolls is probably the most extensive and bold in town.

 Come and see for yourself. Check out the specials menu and order anything. At Fujiyama we use three colors of tobiko, vegetable art, the crunch of tempura and  the creaminess of avocado, scallops, salmon skin, sriracha with the full spectrum of exotic flavors, textures and visuals.

After 10 years as a sushi understudy Owner Jason Huang opened Fujiyama fifteen years ago and is committed to serving only the freshest and highest quality fish available. You will taste the difference.

 We have an amazing 46 appetizers on the menu. From the cloud-like shrimp dumplings to the toothsome marinated squid and crunchy seaweed. There is a plethora of unique and delightful treats.

We want to personally invite you to come and experience the joy of authentic Japanese dining.

Conveniently Located at 283 N Milwaukee in the same complex as Kinko’s, Next to Red Robin. Call 208 672-8227 or 208 600-7516.

  Boise Location

We have 2 locations to serve you at. Come and visit us at our Meridian Location – 1701 E Fairview Ave. across from Fred Meyers. Call 208 629-8624 or 208 600-7275        

 Meridian Location